ARTS Student Exchange Destinations

Below you will find information on Aalto School of Arts, Design and Architecture's student exchange destinations abroad (e.g. Erasmus+, bilateral, Nordplus, FIRST, MEDes, NOVA).
Make sure you use all the following search criteria to find open destinations for your degree programme and study level:
Choose from the drop down boxes below your own department, degree programme, and the study level on which your exchange is going to be. The department(s) or programme(s) which the destination is open for are also indicated in the name of the stay opportunity (e.g. Erasmus: Example University - ARTS (Architecture)) .

Bachelor level applicants: check that the destination is available for your major (i.e. check the department and name of the stay opportunity. For example; if a stay opportunity is open for Media Department and BA Degree in Arts, Design and Arcitecture and the name of the stay opportunity is Bilateral - University of Example - ARTS (Visual Communication Design) this means that the destination is available only for BA level students majoring in Visual Communication Design).

Applications to destinations which are not open for students' degree programme and study level are not taken into consideration.

MEDes (Master of European Design) places are open only for students who have already been selected by the Department of Design to MEDes exchange.

Before submitting the application form, make sure you check the destination's study offer, teaching language, and possible language and other eligibility requirements.

Please note that the information on open destinations and number of open places is subject to changes.