ARTS Student Exchange Destinations

Below you will find information on Aalto School of Arts, Design and Architecture's student exchange destinations abroad (e.g. Erasmus+, Bilateral, Nordplus, FIRST, MEDes).

Information on open exchange destinations and number of open places is updated by the beginning of the application round.
Number of open exchange places is indicated in the Seats/ Remaining seats field under each destination.
  • ARTS application round dates are available in Student's Guide.
  • Destinations which are marked open only for autumn term are NOT open in September's application round (see Available seats per academic year field).
How to search for destinations available for you

Use the following search criteria to find open destinations for your degree programme, study level (and major):
Choose from the drop down boxes below your department, degree programme (and major), and the study level on which your exchange is going to be.
  • For example: BA level students majoring in Art Education should choose Bachelor's Programme in Art and Media - Art Education from the Degree programme drop down menu
  • English BA level Design programme students: choose Bachelor's Programme in Design.
You cannot apply to destinations which are not open for your degree programme, major or study level.

MEDes (Master of European Design) places are open only for students who have already been selected by the Department of Design to MEDes exchange.

Before submitting the application form, make sure you check the destination's study offer, teaching language, and possible language and other eligibility requirements.

Please note that the information on open destinations and number of open places is subject to changes.